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Brockville, Home to Canada’s First Railway Tunnel

Incorporated in 1832, Brockville is one of Canada’s oldest municipalities and one of its oldest railway centres. The Grand Trunk Railway connected Brockville and Montreal in 1855. Canada’s First Railway Tunnel, part of the Brockville and Ottawa Railway, was built here between 1854 and 1860. This historic Tunnel was completed 21 years before construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway even began and predates all of the rail tunnels in the Western Rockies. Controversial for its time, our Tunnel was a major feat of engineering and it remains a remarkable example of Canada’s pre-Confederation industrial heritage.

Railway Tunnel Will Expand Brock Trail System

Brockville is campaigning to restore Canada’s First Railway Tunnel and its north gorge area in order to open these properties as Brockville’s new Railway Tunnel Park - the new central hub of our city’s Brock Trail recreational pathway. The Trail, some 7 km of pathway, stretches across Brockville’s scenic riverfront and follows Buell’s Creek north to the trailhead of the Mac Johnson Wildlife Area at the City’s northern boundary. Recreational trails enhance the beauty of our 1000 Islands region and attract visitors and new residents to our city. Restoration of Brockville’s historic railway Tunnel and expansion of the Brock Trail system are excellent investments adding to our quality of life and promoting tourism and economic development for Brockville.

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